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Photo Editor is a photo-editing app you can use to give a new look to your photos. In this application, you'll find a huge quantity of tools and filters. And, of course, all the tools are very easy to use, as they should be.

The most interesting tools in Photo Editor are those that let you edit your facial features. Thanks to these tools, you can whiten your teeth, enlarge your eyes, slim your face, paint your lips, change your hair color or your pupils, and much more. Basically, in just a few seconds, you can get a completely new face.

Although the most interesting tools in Photo Editor are these plastic surgery-type embellishers, that's not all. You can also apply dozens of different filters to any photo or insert hundreds of stickers to have some fun.

Photo Editor is an excellent photo-editing application that offers a large quantity of high-quality features, plus a very intuitive interface. It's a serious contender in the seemingly bottomless genre of photo-editing applications.

The application automatically places unnecessary icons on the device's desktop


Requires Android 4.2 or higher

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